Eclectic Adult, Adolescent and Family Therapy

Connection and validation of one's lived experience is essential to growth and healing.


Ashley Rollerson LMFT

My approach to therapy is non judgmental and welcoming. I am curious about the way you see the world and who you are.  I value the integration between spirituality and mental health and practice mindfulness in my own daily life.  I have experience working in all levels of care including residential, outpatient and private practice. 


What To Expect At Your Visit

We work together

Healing is deeply personal and specific to the individual or family. We will first need to build a foundation of trust and openness in order to collaborate on treatment goals. Goals may include behavioral changes, emotion regulation, and/or spiritual awareness and connection. We will explore how neurobiology impacts these treatment goals. Referrals to alternative treatments may include medication intervention, natural supplements and/or psychedelic therapy (18+) facilitated by a licensed professional. 

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Services I Offer

Individualized care

I have provided eclectic care for a wide range of psychological differences for over 8 years.  The words "illness" and "disorder" invalidate the reality in which humans are set up to respond to survival. Our biological predispositions and environmental influence impact the way we relate to our emotions and in turn behave. Everybody has the capacity to heal but we must first take away stigma and judgment to begin the process.


Individual Adolescent/Young Adult Therapy

My specialty population is adolescents and young adults. I believe adolescents and young adults (13-26) have the ability to make significant change for themselves as long as there is individuality and freedom of expression within the process. In order to keep the space safe there will be minimal parent involvement unless it is deemed necessary for optimal growth and safety. It is important to have autonomy within the process.


Individual Adult Therapy

Adulting can be stressful and confusing. As we get older we continue to absorb more information on what exactly our life purpose is and how we continue to grow and move through the world. Emotions may feel stronger and responsibility added. We will create a space for honesty and accountability.

Meditating at Home

In-Home Therapeutic Service

I offer in home therapeutic services that incorporate life skills training if needed. Sessions are done in the privacy of your own home and allows me to fully grasp the day to day emotional needs of the individual. On call support is also provided.

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Family Therapy

I work with the family to address intergenerational trauma wounds that may be impacting quality of life. Family members do not necessarily have to be blood relatives. Family therapy may incorporate childcare workers and family friends if needed. Goals of family therapy will be molded by all member's of the family collaboratively.

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Marginalized Communities and Cultural Competency

Race, LGBTQIAP+, socioeconomic class, disability, immigration and cultural values are acknowledged and validated within the framework of treatment.

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Tarot, Astrology and Spirituality

Spirituality can be a catalyst for introspection and growth.  For those drawn to deeper questioning around our connection to the universe I offer conversation around existentialism, astrology and mindfulness practice. I also draw upon tarot therapy to go deeper in emotional themes and overall life archetypes.

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